Introducing NITT - “Not Inspired Try Tomorrow”, the new exciting trio mixes atmospheric ambient textures with heavy modern grooving waves, all flavoured by bursting solos and a highly interactive musical interplay. NITT are Omri Abramov on Saxophone and EWI, Roberto Badoglio on Electric Bass and Marcel van Cleef on Drums and Percussion. Thanks to their fresh use of cutting edge electronic instruments, synths and sound effects, the trio is capable of achieving vast and complex soundscapes and travel between them through a dynamic interplay. Omri’s talent of combining and sounding like multiple different instruments using his EWI gear, Roberto’s ability of switching between traditional bass playing and chordal ‘guitar-style’ arrangements, and Marcel shifting between drums and various percussions making the element of surprise a key feature of the band. 

Each member brings their unique sound and style to the band, elevating their music to new heights.

Omri Abramov is an Israeli saxophone and EWI player, composer, and producer. 

Recognised for his versatility and distinct musical voice, Omri has performed on stage and in the studio with a variety of musicians, including Noa, Dennis Chambers, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Idan Raichel, Pete Lockett and more. Omri is the saxophone player and musical producer of the Iranian – Israeli group Sistanagila, leader of the NYC-Berlin trio Hovercraft, half of the Berlin based Big Berry Duo and the co-leader of the jazz-fusion band Niogi. Omri is a graduate of the Israeli Conservatory of Music in jazz performance and a winner of the AICF scholarship.

Marcel van Cleef is a highly regarded Dutch drummer, percussionist, composer, and producer who has a lifelong love for music. He began playing the drums at the young age of two and went on to study at the Arnhem School of Arts. Throughout his career, Marcel has collaborated with various rock, pop, world music bands, and jazz legends both on stage and in the studio. He is recognised for his unconventional drumming style, blending drums with percussion instruments and his own voice to create a distinctive and vibrant sound. Marcel is considered one of the most exceptional drummers and percussionists in his genre, living in Berlin since some time he’s also member of the Aly Keita Trio.

Roberto Badoglio is considered one of the most interesting and innovative bass players of the new generation, he studied with bass gurus Matthew Garrison, Dominique Di Piazza and Skuli Sverrisson, and attended as well the Berklee College of Music in Boston before moving to New York, where he played in the local jazz scene for few years. He has since established himself as a prominent bass player in Berlin and his currently playing with the Italian funk act Nu Genea, as well with the Aly Keita Trio and many others bands in Berlin. He collaborated with artists such as Steve Hunt, Virgil Donati, Marko Djordjevic, Joanne Brackeen, Marco Minneman and more.